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The Enormous Chair

There is something so warm and welcoming about wooden patio furniture. It may be old and weathered to that glorious grey tone that only happens after years of exposure to sun and rain or it may be ne ... read more

Oh Clever, Very Clever!

A house doesnít look like a home without furniture that will complete its feel or mood. The presence of your furniture is, of course, not just for the atmosphere of the space, but the function is rath ... read more

Outdoor Pallet Swing Chair

Pallets have oodles of ways to become distinctive one of a kind masterpieces. Some people may simply throw these away, considering that they are trash with no value. Artistic people and experts in des ... read more

21 Ways Of Turning Pallets Into Unique Pieces Of Furniture

Do you love furniture? Have pallets around but donít know how to make them useful? No problem! There are 21 ways (or more) on how to turn those pallets into unique pieces of furnitures. Wood pallets a ... read more

Add Beauty To Your Outdoor Projects With Creative Woodworking Plans

For some, woodworking is not an easy thing to do, but some people find joy in handcrafting wood into various cool objects and functional creations. There are many things you can do with just simple wo ... read more

Wood Art Project

Woodworking is an art of bringing together the environment, human skills and special tools to create a long-lasting masterpiece. It is important to have some basic skills and knowledge to begin with w ... read more

DIY Rustic Log Bird Feeder

Bird watching is one of life's simple pleasures and a reminder to take a moment and observe the beauty of nature around us. By taking walks in nature regularly and paying attention to what is going on ... read more

DIY Pallet and Spool Chair

Old pallets are a very cheap building material, so you can see why there are tons of interesting (and useful) do-it-yourself ideas how to make your own furniture. First and foremost, in this day and ... read more

DIY STUNNING Floor Made from Upcycled Wood Pallets!

We are featuring here from what a blogger writes; I came across this article as we were searching for uses for the large amount of wooden pallets we are interested in recycling. We have constructed a ... read more

30 Creative Pallet Furniture DIY and Projects

They aren't just for shipping anymore. Wooden pallets can often be found for free in commercial areas. Pallets can be repurposed in a myriad of ways around the home and yard, anything from a 3-bin com ... read more

He Took A Knife To A Block Of Wood And Came Out With Something Awesome

It just goes to show that you don't need much to make something really cool. This article with great photos attached shows a man who took a small square piece of wood and made it into a ring! Yes! A r ... read more

A Hand-built Wooden Yurt Rises In The Adirondacks

Now this is an awesome place to live! Or even just visit for that matter! You HAVE to see this amazing yurt home build over 30 years ago by Cathy and Gregg Farrell after seeing the yurts built by Bill ... read more

Amazing Wood Sculpture- 27 Pics

Woodworking is the skill or ability to sculpt, create and make items using wood as your primary material. Some known forms of it are carpentry and wood carving. It's much harder than molding clay sinc ... read more

The Genius Bookshelf Idea

When you think of a bookshelf, most people picture a rectangular shape with basic shelves and a pretty boring look because that's how people have displayed their books for centuries. But there's no re ... read more

Super Cool Wooden Ruler Table Top DIY

This a DIY that many of you are really going to love. Remember when yard sticks were offered as giveaways in hardware and paint stores along with other venues. These companies would have the store nam ... read more

Knock On Wood, Then Drive It! 28 Crazy Wooden Creations

Wood is the perfect construction material for furniture and art deco. Wood comes from the stems or roots of trees and other woody plants. People have used wood for centuries, specifically for building ... read more

We've Been Splitting Wood All Wrong

Just when you thought you knew everything you had to know about chopping wood, the Finns have devised a quick, new way to go about making firewood. In this impressive video uploaded in October of 2008 ... read more

We've Been Splitting Wood All Wrong

We'll maybe it's not exactly wrong how you have been splitting wood, but the video you will watch later is going to introduce you to a different technique. Splitting wood is as rudimentary as it ge ... read more

The Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser Ever

My grandfather LOVED jellybeans! Like..LOVED them. He actually loved the black jellybeans the most, which as a child (and even as an adult) I could not understand. My favorites were, of course, the p ... read more

Top 10 Clever Pallet Projects

Pallets are a great source of wood for upcycling projects. With these 23 clever ideas youíll be able to furnish your entire home using just pallets. With everything here from beds to bookcases and ... read more

25 Awesome Recycled Wine Barrel Ideas

Wine barrel furniture is very beautiful. If you have old wine barrels lying around, or any round barrel for that matter, the geniuses over at Goods Home Design have 25 amazing ideas you can do to give ... read more

This 'One Board' Chair is The Hottest DIY Project of the Year!

Wow, what a great idea! Turn wooden scraps into useful treasures! I have been looking for a gift for along these lines for my little sisters cottage house. It's an island, and a hipster-rustic place, ... read more

Incredible Folding Picnic Table

Watch the video Incredible folding picnic table open in seconds! The video shows a man who manages to unfold a wheeled box into a full-size fold out four person picnic table! Whether it is in your ... read more

16 Utterly Awesome Wood Pallet Fence Project Ideas

Wood pallets are like the Legos of the DIY real world, assuming Legos can't be used to build life-sized fences that can keep coyotes, stray animals, and trespassers out. Unlike Legos, however, wood pa ... read more

A Unique Woodworking Project

This unique woodworking project for a rounded wooden garden shed (or man/woman-cave) has been popping up all of the internet lately but with very little information on where it actually comes from or ... read more

How-to Build a Log Bar Stool

Growing up in a family of log builders means that now the smell of sawdust and sap will forever remind me of my father. He loved (and still loves) to hike through the forest and find interesting piec ... read more

Oh Look, A Random Box In The Yard. Let's See What's Inside... WHOA!

This DIY is very ingenious! One of the things that we love about living in this era is the fact that we get to discover a lot of cool things that we could use in our daily lives. It is impressive to s ... read more

DIY Awesomeness: The Cypress Glowing Table Project

Woodworking is a great hands on past time. Being productive and creative is useful and efficient plus it is a good way to release that creative energy you have hidden away. We encourage you today to ... read more

The 10 Most Clever Carpentry Tips & Tricks

It is amazing how people can fix their homes. Some people can build anything from scratch because they have the carpentry skills and can build anything they want. There was once a couple who bought a ... read more

This Handmade Roof is the BEST DIY Project that I've Found All Year!

D-I-Y is a completely popular trend these days; slowly people around the globe are developing a liking for creating useful things from scratch. With the growth of the artistic community, as well as ec ... read more
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